Sky River 2 is a luxurious place designed for a harmonious life and relaxation. The highlight of the complex is a unique location on the picturesque banks of the Dnipro just 10 km from the metro station Slavutych. It’s a place where every resident can spend time with their family, playing with their children on the playground or relaxing on the beach, go fishing, or fulfil a dream of a yacht ride along the Dnipro.

Video review of the complex
Modern space
for a comfortable life
New Life Style
The concept of living in harmony with nature
  • 10 min from the station


  • Outdoor and
    indoor pools

  • Pontoon for fishermen

  • Berth
    for yachts and boats

  • Spectacular apartments on
    the first line of the Dnipro

  • Beach for rest

  • Cycle path,


  • SPA, fitness,
    Barbecue area

  • Round-the-clock security

  • Sophisticated infrastructure


arranged cozy promenade
along the river with children's and
sports grounds

pontoon for fishing

round-the-clock security

underground and ground parking

access to the beach

spacious apartment

with view terraces and panoramic views
Dnipro RiIver, two-level apartments


outdoor and indoor pools


spa, gym, restaurant,

Yacht club

berth for yachts and boats

bike path

First turn

A separate world with all the amenities on the territory of Sky River 2: Restaurant, Grocery store, Pharmacy, Family doctor's office, Bank, Delivery office, Beauty salon, Fitness centre with SPA, Outdoor and indoor pools, Kids Gameroom, Parking, Promenade, Beach, Pontoon for fishing, ...

Buying an apartment in a residential complex with its own infrastructure, cutting-edge design and innovative Sky River 2 solutions, you get much more than just living space - you get the opportunity to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, breathe fresh air, listen to the sounds of the Mother Earth instead of the noise of the city, contemplate the Waterand Olzhyn Island which is located on the opposite side of the Dnipro without leaving your home and residential area. You can stroll along the refined promenade with various trees and designer flower beds, park and keep your yacht / boat to the quay Sky River 2.

Order fast food delivery or go down to the first floor to satisfy hunger in the restaurant, arrange a romantic dinner on the terrace of the restaurant with a beautiful view of the marina, visit the largest outdoor pool in Kyiv, relax on a sun lounger, sunbathe on the beach, fish from the pontoon, improve your body on the outdoor sports field, make your muscles iron in the fitness centre with premium equipment, large spa area. Swim along the river enjoying the sunset, then slowly go back home on the moonlit water surface in a kayak or on a sap board. Manage your financial issues at the bank, send and receive parcels in the delivery service office, charge the electric car in the parking lot.

To make you feel as comfortable as possible, we have taken care of your security, which is provided by round-the-clock video surveillance, security posts, a system of personal electronic passes, a fire alarm system and a smoke removal system.

All these things will improve the quality of your life, ignite and continuously maintain the fire in your eyes and warmth in your heart at any age.

Sky River 2 - a new format of life


Holosiivskyi 20 km

Feofania 29 km

Park Of Partisan Glory 18km

Khreshchatyk 24 km


Vyshenskaya Secondary School 1.6 km

Gymnasium "Civilizer" 8.1 km

Nursery school 8.2 km

Lyceum "Educator" 12 km


Zhulyany 24.4 km

Boryspil 35.5 km

Petrol station

Coral Petrol station 1.6 km

LPG Petrol station 3 km


Terminal 1.6 km

PrivatBank 12 km


Slavutych 11 km

Osokorky 11 km


Pharmacy 1.6 km

Pilulka 4.1 km

Dobrogo dnia10 km


Fora 1.6 km

LotOK 6 km

NOVUS 10 km

ATB 11km

Silpo 12km

River Mall 14km

Bus stop

Nearest 1km (buses 452.64)

Medical centre

Adonis 4.2km

Viva 9.6km

Dobrobut 12km

Reliable developer

Permit for construction works № IU 113192391744 dated August 27, 2019, issued by the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine.


License № 32-L dated June 12, 2019, issued by the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine.

Object passport

Construction passport of the residential complex Sky River 2